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WaterWorks Irrigation LLC


Welcome to WaterWorks Irrigation


WaterWorks LLC has been dedicated to excellence and continually discovering innovative ways to improve on installation and maintenance techniques on residential sprinklers systems.

We know that no two systems are the same and we tailor each system to the customer’s needs. We are proud to have been awarded the Excellence in Irrigation Design and Installation Award for Residential Design from the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association.


WaterWorks LLC has worked to develop the correct application processes for watering commercial properties and has perfected a method that provides maximum application with minimal water waste.

We know the result should be an irritation system and not an irritation system. We realize that you have enough to do to run your business, so we take the worry out of your lawn watering needs.

Sports Facilities

WaterWorks has a reputation for doing sports fields right, on time, and within budget. The end result being that the facility manager is able to know that the care that went into the irrigation system results in well maintained and safe fields.

Many times, sports fields require large amounts of piping, valves, and water to cover the zones needed to do the job right. Waterworks has the experience and know how to minimize waste and maximize your budget. We know how to get the job done.

Our Services

Layout and Design
WaterWorks Irrigation designs each based on the indiviual needs of the client and not based on an out of the box kit. When we design and install an irrigation system for you, you can be sure it is the right system.
Project Estimate
WaterWorks Irrigation can quickly estimate your project with on-site expertise. We will come out to your house or business and take measurements and notes. We will create an estimate and answer any questions you may have.
WaterWorks Irrigation installation team will arrive on site promply and ready to work. Our trucks are equipped with the proper tools and equipment to get the project completed quickly and with minimal interuption to your lawn or busy schedule.
Startup and Shutdown
WaterWorks Irrigation will start up and test your entire system fresh in the spring and complete a full blow-out of the system for winterization in the fall. We use the proper equipment to ensure your system is reliable for years to come.

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