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  • When we blow out the irrigation system in the fall we leave the valves on the anti-siphon device half open. There are usually 2 small and 2 large ball valves. The valves must all be closed, and any plug or faucet on the pipe coming out of the house, for the irrigation system, has to be closed before turning the water on.
  • The water has to be turned on down in the basement or at the water source. The valve should be turned on slowly as not to cause a rush of water into the system that might cause stress on the pipes and joints.
  • Go outside at the anit-siphon and make sure there are no water leaks. With the valve on the outside of the V/B going into the ground turned off, turn on the valve coming out of the house into the V/B on. When the water goes into the V/B it will flush for a bit, when the poppet seats the leak will stop. (Approx. 30 seconds). Turn on the valve going into the ground slowly, until you hear the rush of water stop. Then open it competently.
  • Go to the controller and make sure it is plugged in and change the battery if there is one. Make sure the controller is set up with the time and day. Go to manual start and start up a zone.
  • Check all heads on the zones to make sure they turn and adjust as needed. After you have gone through all the zones, set the controller for the day and the amount of time you want it to run. See charts for water needs for different times of the year.
  • We do offer this as a service, if you do not wish to do it yourself. If you have any questions please call, we would be very happy to help you.

If any of the steps are done incorrectly, it may cause damage to your system. Therefore, we recommend that it be done professionally. We do offer this service in the fall. If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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