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Fall Winterization

  1. Turn water off going to the irrigation system from the meter or well tank. This should be in the basement. If you can’t find it, go outside of the house and find the vacuum breaker that is on the end of the copper pipe that comes out of the house, (sometimes this is by your air conditioner) and follow the pipe back into the house.
  2. Hook up the air hose to the plug on the copper pipe going into the ground, on the water pipe coming out of the building.
  3. Turn on the controller to zone 1 and set it to run
  4. Turn on the air compressor and blow out each zone line until a mist comes out. When all zones have been blown out, check each zone again to make sure they are free of water.
  5. Turn off air compressor with a zone running and let the air run down before disconnecting the air hose.
  6. Turn the valves on the V/B at an angle; half open so water will drain out of behind the valves of the V/B. See V/B instructions.
  7. It is recommended to turn the controller off but leave it plugged in for the winter so as to keep moisture out of the controller.

You do not have to have a lot of air pressure to blow a system out, but you need a lot of volume. The small house compressors will work, but sometimes they blow over the top of the water leaving water in the lines. This will cause damage to the system.

If any of the steps are done incorrectly, it may cause damage to your system. Therefore, we recommend that it be done professionally. We do offer this service in the fall. If you have any questions, please call us and we will be happy to answer them for you.

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